103 Unique and Funny Golf Team Names

In golf, having a memorable team name is just as crucial as your stroke on the course. A witty and original golf team name offers a sense of fun and demonstrates your team’s originality and togetherness. Whether playing in a local club event, a work excursion, or a fantasy golf league, picking the perfect team’s name may set the tone for an unforgettable experience.  We’ve prepared a selection of amusing golf team name ideas in this post to inspire you and help you choose the right nickname for your golf team!

Here is the list of unique and funny golf team names:

  1. Putterly Ridiculous
  2. Tee-Rific Trouble
  3. The Mulligan Masters
  4. Fairway Fanatics
  5. Birdie Brigade
  6. Swing and a Misfits
  7. The Chipmunks:
  8. The Golf Experts
  9. Caddyshack Crew
  10. The Divot Diggers
  11. The Hole-in-Fun Club
  12. Fairway Funnies
  13. The Mulligan Masters
  14. Birdie Bashers
  15. The Caddyshack Crusaders
  16. The Bogey Busters
  17. ]The Pin Seekers
  18. The Golf Gurus
  19. The Chip ‘n Sippers
  20. The Slice Masters
  21. The Fore Amigos
  22. The Green Machines
  23. The Putt Pirates
  24. The Dimple Destroyers
  25. The Fairway Fanatics
  26. The Sand Trap Squad
  27. The Mulligan Misfits
  28. The Swingin’ Sensations
  29. The Clubhouse Comedians
  30. The Divot Diggers
  31. The Golf Ballers
  32. The Tee-rific Troupers
  33. The Golf Whisperers
  34. The Chip Shot Champs
  35. The Bogey Bandits
  36. The Caddyshack Crew
  37. The Bogeylicious Bunch
  38. The Golfing Gurus
  39. The Pin High Pals
  40. The Golf Cart Gang
  41. The Putt Putters
  42. The Fairway Flair
  43. The Eagle Enthusiasts
  44. The Hooked-on Golfers
  45. The Par-Tee Animals
  46. The Iron Warriors
  47. The Swingin’ Sultans
  48. The Bogey Bashers
  49. The Tee Time Titans
  50. The Green Tee Ninjas
  51. The Hole-in-One Heroes
  52. The Caddy Chasers
  53. The Chip ‘n Salsa
  54. The Golf Goddesses
  55. The Birdie Blitzers
  56. The Albatross Admirers
  57. The Tee-rific Tribe
  58. The Slice and Dice Squad
  59. The Putt-a-Palooza
  60. The Mulligan Master
  61. The Chip ‘n Sip
  62. The Bogey Banishers
  63. The Green Whisperers
  64. The Mulligan Maniacs
  65. The Hole Hunters
  66. The Golf Geeks
  67. The Swing Surgeons
  68. The Par Seekers
  69. The Golfing Gladiators
  70. The Tee-rific Twosome
  71. The Mulligan Mavericks
  72. The Bogey Blasters
  73. The Fairway Magicians
  74. The Putter Pirates
  75. The Bogey Busters
  76. The Swing Superstars
  77. The Golfing Goofballs
  78. The Ball Blasters
  79. The Putter Prowlers
  80. The Tee Time Travelers
  81. Golf Ninjas
  82. The Hole-in-Fun Club
  83. Birdie Brigade
  84. The Four Amigos
  85. Clubbed Medley
  86. Par-Tee Animals
  87. Caddyshack Crew
  88. The Bogey Brothers
  89. Hole-y Rollers
  90. Golf Warriors
  91. The Driving Divas
  92. The Fairway Flippers
  93. Green Machine
  94. The Sand Blasters
  95. The Tee-traffic Trio
  96. The Slice Queens
  97. The Flagstick Fanatics
  98. The Iron Maidens
  99. Golfaholics Anonymous
  100. The Putter Nuts
  101. The Golf Gurus
  102. The Rough Riders
  103. The Chipper Champs


Get your golf team ready with unique names. Also, understand scoring terms for competitive play.

Choose a fun team name and the right golf balls for your team’s success.